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The “morning routine” post ; part:2 (quarantine)

I posted about creating your own effective morning routine. So it’s only fair if I tell you my own morning routine (I still don’t have a full fledged morning routine. I am still developing). WAKE UP [7:00 am]: I usually wake up at 6:00am during normal working days …..but you know…. quarantine has made us […]

A clean “morning routine“ necessities.

What is a morning routine? It is a set of activities that one does after waking up to start their day. But what is a good morning routine? It’s something which keeps you energised throughout the day and which does not affect your daily productivity. Your morning routine can include your beauty routine, exercise, health, […]

The “About” post

This is gonna be a lifestyle blog. As you know the “about” post is necessary to start my blog (I have done my research😏). So first of I’ll start by saying what is my blog and why you should read it. What is this about? This is gonna be about self-care, health, dreams and aim, […]

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