The “About” post

This is gonna be a lifestyle blog. As you know the “about” post is necessary to start my blog (I have done my research😏). So first of I’ll start by saying what is my blog and why you should read it.

What is this about?

  • This is gonna be about self-care, health, dreams and aim, health, glow ups and various subjects like that.
  • It’s is basically blogging about my life and how I dealt with things and advices, tips, reviews, suggestions and various other fun things.

I would like to connect with people who want to improve their lives in a particular way, people who wants to read about my lifestyle and also people who can relate to me.

Now I will start by saying something about me. My name is Jenni. I am a student. I live in a full time sunny tropical place. My main interests are in art, music, food and fashion. (I do have various other hobbies).

I am basically an introverted person. So, I don’t really have many friends but I have some close friends who I love and can trust. Next I have a really good family who understands me. So, I can say that I have a really good personal life.

I am still a student and haven’t decided on what to do in my future but I am sure of one thing. I want to succeed and I want to make all parts of my life good enough for me to be happy and to make my parents proud (don’t we all). Most important at thing I want to succeed in is my career. I WANT TO MAKE IT BIG!

I have said a glimpse of myself in this post. I guess your understanding about me is that I am a average girl with a pretty decent lifestyle and goals (which I am). But as you know everyone is unique and every single one of you are special in someway. Let’s find out why and how I am special throughout this blogging journey.

P.S. Publishing this is gonna be exhausting since this is my first post. But I am relieved to complete it and FINALLY I can breathe….😩


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