Necessities of having clean morning routine.

What is a morning routine? It is a set of activities that one does after waking up to start their day. But what is a good morning routine? It’s something which keeps you energised throughout the day and which does not affect your daily productivity.

Your morning routine can include your beauty routine, exercise, health, studying or anything that keeps you active and refreshed throughout the day.

I guess I sound like a health guru 😝. Just know that I am not gonna write some advanced stuff and post it in here. I will share some tips and points which were useful for me in setting up my own routine. (I still don’t have a kickass morning routine…I am still in the journey but it’s definitely improved a lot).

Why is a routine necessary?

A proper morning routine can be a dealbreaker when it comes to success. Treating your morning routine with care and respect is crucial because the way you begin your day is has a huge impact on the rest of you day. A proper morning routine can increase your productivity along with making you feel good.

It’s important to start your day with a lot of optimism and confidence. If a good morning routine helps you achieve that then why not try it!

Points to remember while setting up a routine

  • Be realistic
  • Know your body
  • Planning
  • Flexible yet consistent


It’s means being practical and reasonable with your routine. Waking up at 5am may be productive but it may not be the case if you force yourself to do so. We all tend to be a little excited in the beginning and overestimate ourselves (I speak from experience 😓). Things started working out for me only after I understood my ability.


Knowing your body means listening to your body. This point is very important to maintain a healthy state while putting up your routine to practice. You need to know your capabilities at the moment and work accordingly.


Planning your routine before implementing it gives you an unyielding result. Going with the flow seems to be easy but it’s not very effective.


You may not be able to act perfectly according to your routine in the beginning but do not stress and just be consistent and let your body adapt slowly to the new reign. To do this you need to let go of the expectations in you mind. When I was setting up my own routine I had my cheat days yet I am quite successful in developing my routine because I came back on track in a few days.

The 21 days rule

By Maxwell Malts

Maxwell Malts was a plastic surgeon in 1950. He found the 21 days rule by observing a strange pattern in his patients. He stated,

“It takes 21 days to develop a habit”

The minimum time needed for a person to develop a habit is 21 days, if the person has been consistent for all of the 21 days.

Planning and implementing your routine may be a bit hard in the beginning (it was for me). But being consistent on your routine can turn it into a habit in no time. Just remember the 21 days rule and be consistent and it will become a habit, a really good habit😊.


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