My morning routine during the quarantine.

I posted about creating your own effective morning routine. So it’s only fair if I tell you my own morning routine (I still don’t have a full fledged morning routine. I am still developing).

WAKE UP [7:00 am]:

I usually wake up at 6:00am during normal working days …..but you know…. quarantine has made us lazier (at least for me). So, I wake up 1 hour late and that is on 07:00am. I drink water as soon as I wake up. (I’ll tell why this is important lastly 👇🏻)


  1. Brush teeth [7:15]
  2. Drink a glass of milk
  3. Take bath [7:30]
  4. Change into comfortable clothes


My morning skin care routine isn’t really complicated.

  • I apply rose water and toner on my face and neck area with a small cotton ball.
  • I then apply eye cream around my eyes as I’ve got some stubborn eye bags which never leave me at any cost (I guess they just love me too much).
  • I apply moisturiser on my face if my skin feels particularly dry (my skin type varies from time to time).
  • Next I brush my hair. I tie it up or leave it free according to the day. (By day I mean online classes😅 ….. I have to switch on my video in some classes)


My mom taught me that one should eat breakfast like a king. She would always make sure that I have a fulfilling breakfast since I was born. So, apart from milk what I take for breakfast is,

  • For the main, I take steamed food like chapatis, bread, pancake or something like that.
  • I further take proteins like bean, gram, peas, etc…..
  • Next in the list is fruits. I’ll always take a bowl of fruits after every meal (I’ve always loved fruits).


You have to spend minimum 10 mins in the morning doing something you love or something which makes you happy and keeps you calm. You can start your day in good way if you do this (I learnt it the hard way😞).

I play with my adorable puppy “snow”. That makes me really happy. I do that atleat for 15 mins every morning and that helps me to set my mood. I also do some other activities.

Drinking water in the morning as soon as you wake up,

  • Helps you rehydrate your body as you have had no intake of water for the past hours
  • As your stomach is empty at that time, drinking water can cleanse your bowls and remove toxins.


Here you can check out how you can set up your own morning routine like mine (or even better😀) 👇🏻👇🏻

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