One of those “out of vibe” days

This is one the days when I feel my mind doesn’t control my body and being totally out of my vibe. I do not have any motivation in me. I don’t want to do anything. I feel empty inside, like a extra character the author controls. I am just scrolling through YouTube lazily not even bothering to watch the videos as I feel lazy. (Just think how unmotivated I would have been if I don’t even have the energy to procrastinate😣)

I feel as if in I am in outer space or more like want to be in outer space cause I did not feel like having any interactions. The only interactions I felt like having were with air, water, food and my iPad. I am idly sitting in a sofa thinking about all the things I could have done during this time, all the tasks I could have completed… (Just to make things worse🤦🏻‍♀️),

I usually never care about these unmotivated days and leave it just like that. And that never went well…..( not going into to much details rn). I will just have the same negative energy for days and will not return back to normal until I have good cry.

But today I understood that being like this isn’t any help and decided to teach my body once for all of who is in control (my mind). So, I quickly decided and activated the 5 sec rule (let me explain about it at the last).

  1. I quickly got up without giving my body time to process my minds decision.
  2. I skipped one of my class online to get myself back on track. (Skipping one class to attend the rest usefully is better that attending all the classes without listening and getting the use)
  3. I took a good nap for about 30 mins.
  4. Then showered and made myself fresh, clean and presentable.
  5. Then noted down in my journal about these things so that I can dump all those negative energy and and understand the situation better.

These are just some simple steps which made a huge difference saving my time, productivity and energy. Here I understood that the most difficult and important part is to establish your mind’s dominance over you body.

The 5 sec rule,

It is useful for taking immediate action to attain what you want.

The procedure to do it is by fixing the goal in you mind and counting from 1-5. As soon as you reach 5 just stand up without allowing yourself to think and directly move towards your goal.

This prevents laziness from overtaking you and your goal.

I will talk about the lessons I have learnt, points to remember and difficulties I faced in easy points in this kind of experiences in the next blog.


If you wanna know more in detail of how to work with these days then you can check it out 👇🏻👇🏻

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