How to get yourself back on your feet when you are facing “the unmotivated and lazy days”.

As I mentioned in my last blog I face these kind of days quite often. I took me a lot of time to realise that leaving it as it is affected me a lot. My first time trying to break away from it was a success.

So, let’s see what my observation and conclusion are by scrutinising those days of mine. I hope this will help you find you cause and the way to solve it too.

First I talked about being unable to move and not wanting any interactions. I wouldn’t normally be this unmotivated but I was especially like that 6 days ago.

First step: This is totally about finding the cause of your present state. It may be something physical or emotional. Even simple things can multiply and cause a bad day.

For me the one of the cause which was present in my head was that I hadn’t washed my hair in a week and …it wasn’t in a explainable state😓. (If this stupid reason had connected with other stress I had and multiplied then you should know how your small problems cause you big headaches🤷🏻‍♀️).

Second step: Bringing together all the energy you have in your body to take a clear decision on things you could do to make your cause of trouble disappear. If you couldn’t find the actual cause then you can not do any specific things. But if that’s the case you can always do general activities which relieves your mind like sleeping.

For example, I had many things on my mind and couldn’t figure out a dominant or specific reason for my unmotivated state. So, I just did general things such as taking a bath, sleeping and organising which helped me a lot.

Third step: Activating the 5 sec rule. If you do not prefer to use the 5 sec rule, then you can always use your own method. But the important part is to make sure you are doing something which makes you achieve you goal immediately.

Goal in the sense, able to do and finish things which relieve the state of you mind. It’s those things which I mentioned in the above step.

What I learnt from this experience?

  • The actual reason of one’s unmotivated and lazy days is because of your mindset.
  • The problems one face are not responsible for their bad days but the mindset one has that the problems can never be solved will take the actual responsibility.

Actually all of us know these things deep inside but fail to accept the fact and complain a lot (I am the same 🤷🏻‍♀️). But when we accept our responsibilities and stop complaining most of these things will be stopped (think positive 😌).

To remember:

This is just a temporary way. You use this to get out of your lazy and unmotivated days for the instance.

There will be permanent improvement only when the mindset is worked with. We still have a long way to go.

“First step is always the hardest”, as the first step is taken, now the journey will be much easier. It took me years to take the first step but now it seems so much better and easier to move forward. And the same goes for you. 😊


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