Christmas isn’t a day it is a season. How is it for me (students) or people like me? Being positive is disappointing times.

Christmas is on its way. It’ll be here in no time but… how is it for me? What I am concentrating on currently is not the Christmas season but my exams. Yes…. I have my exams from the 15th of December. That’s sad😞….(excuse me while I feel bad for myself).

I know I am not alone and many of you are in travelling in the same boat as me. My exams end right before Christmas so I will not able to decorate my house, prepare gifts, go shopping or do any of the things one does when a holiday is approaching.

What am I doing now? COMPLAINING. The one thing I wish I wouldn’t do. In times like this positivity is the only way to be happy.So, I did a simple thing to reduce my disappointment. I sorted out my thoughts.


1. Write it down:

When you need to organise or sort your thoughts the most effective way is to write it down in a notebook. Journalling is a good way and regular way to organise you thoughts (I’ve been trying it out for quite a time now). If not just writing in a simple notebook is enough.

Processing your thoughts in your head add to your unsorted thoughts on you mind and increases negativity and stress. I have been doing it all these years and experiencing nothing but overwhelming emotions. Once you start writing down your thoughts you would start wondering how you functioned before (I am still wondering🤔).

2. Brain dump:

Brain dumping is dumping all you negative thoughts and unwanted concerns somewhere safe. It may be through journaling, talking about it to your trusted ones or any other comfortable way.

The main purpose here is to express yourself and reduce your inner pressure and find answers to your own queries.

3. Finding positives:

Trying to distinguish and squeeze out the positive things in the situation. Have a “everything happens for good” mindset. Try to find something you get in return to the disappointment you face right now.

For example, I haven’t prepared for my exams properly. So it would take time and be hard to prepare. It wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience if my exams were after the holidays 🤷🏻‍♀️. My feelings during the holidays after the exams would outmatch those of normal times as I worked really hard before. Those things make you feel good. They are the positives hiding between your disappointment.

Christmas is a season, it gives happiness. Just simply decorating the house, baking cookies, arranging gifts can make one happy. Simple things like visiting ones hometown and spending time with family, relaxing, chatting, watching movies can become a memorable moment cause….it’s CHRISTMAS! 🎉 🎊

~Thank you~

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