Festive mood is always even better than the festival. Christmas mood and feel [What, how and why].

Most of us love the days before a festival or holiday more than the holiday itself but we never really know it. Letting the excitement build in is always more enjoyable than the excitement itself. The festive mood always contributes to 70% of the actual festival.


Festive mood is something enjoyable and getting you prepped for a holiday or any kind of celebration or festival. We call Christmas a season because we do many activities preparing ourselves for the occasion throughout the whole month like decorating, preparing gifts and etc,..

How does this picture make you feel? Some kind of Christmas feel, right? Even this little picture gives that Christmas mood to this blog. What is it like when you see this in real life? Decorating this and looking at it gives you that vibe or mood. That is what festive mood is all about.


Some simple ways to get that Christmas mood,

  • Decorating your house: Doing all the Christmas decorations with your family and friends will increase you bond with them and get you into that Christmas spirit. Hanging cute stars and bells, arranging a majestic tree and so many other things gets that winter, December, Christmas kinda feel to you house and mind.
  • Adding to your Christmas playlist: Creating a Christmas playlist full of your fav Christmas songs and listening to it, vibing and singing. Nearly 80% people in the world love music (according to a research 🤷🏻‍♀️ not me). So, definitely a set of Christmas songs will fill you mind with that spirit.
  • Preparing gifts (especially handmade ones): Getting ideas and preparing a gift with creativity and love for your loved ones is an amazing activity to do during Christmas. You get to spend your time doing crafts and etc.. and also will make your loved ones happy by presenting it to them.
  • Baking Christmas goodies: Cooking is always a great activity to spend time with. Baking Christmas cookies, gingerbread, cakes will let that Christmas spirit into you (and finally let your kitchen see you😆 … that’ll go for me).

Why is festive mood important?

After facing a lot of stress and pressure a festival can cheer you up and brighten your life. For the festival to work its magic, you initiate something and that is your festive mood.

While you are in a festive mood it’s hard to be negative or stressed. You do activities and spend time with loved ones and are surrounded by people who are in the same festive mood like you. So, you get that positive and happy energy and feel relaxed. And of course, that’s what the festive mood is all about 😄.

~Thank you~

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