Creative ways to celebrate Christmas at home and keep your mind occupied with happiness and interest.

Sitting a phone and scrolling through social media throughout a precious holiday… that doesn’t sound so good, does it? But that’s what we do when we get a holiday and that’s because we don’t really know what else to do. And due to the pandemic, we’ll have to stay indoors.

The main idea of a festival is to be refreshed for the next days, be productive and improve at your work. But sitting on your phone and sleeping alone will drain your energy and make you tired. Which is exactly the opposite of what is expected. But then what is the use of a holiday? So, let’s see some “stay home” ideas to celebrate and get all the benefits of this Christmas.


1. Make some Christmas goodies:

Baking Christmas cookies, hot chocolate with marshmallows, ginger bread and other goodies and enjoying it with your family fills that deliciousness and adds flavour to your Christmas 🎄.

2. Watch some Christmas movies:

Who doesn’t like watching movies? (Definitely not me😅) Enjoying some classic Christmas movies on the occasion can definitely make you relaxed and comfy, doesn’t it? Trying something new like watching some old Christmas movies can give you a new experience too.

3. Playing board games with family:

Board games with family… always sounds fun! What is a holiday without some family bonding activities. Laughing, chatting and playing with your family always has a space in any list.

4. Listening to Christmas stories (or reading):

Listening to stories from the Bible about Christmas from your elders (especially from you grandparents) is always a mood. Eating your Christmas cookies and listening to those stories and imaging those scenarios in your head..! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

5. Design matching clothes:

Designing Christmas themed clothes with your own idea or redesigning your normal clothes to the theme with your family is a fun activity to try. Wearing matching Christmas outfits and celebrating together sounds much more interesting than the regular, right?

6. Distributing and sending gifts:

What is Christmas without gifts? Arranging, packing and giving those gifts to your family is always the highlight of Christmas. As of quarantine we wouldn’t be able to give our friend and family far away our gifts personally. But we can always send it to them via courier. You wouldn’t want to miss the main event of Christmas, do you?

7. Singing and humming to Christmas songs:

Music is always necessary to complete any occasion. Having a karaoke party with your family or humming and swaying to Christmas songs is a great way to end your day with content.

Eating the Christmas snack you prepared while listening to stories about Christmas whilst a song with bells playing in the background, wearing matching Christmas themed clothes with your family and singing and binge watching movies, sending gifts to your family and friends far away. This kind of Christmas sounds better and memorable than a Christmas on your mobile. Hope this was helpful for you to get some ideas to celebrate this Christmas in a good way (I can’t wait for this Christmas and wish to celebrate my Christmas the same way 😃).

~Thank you~

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