New year resolutions and why I don’t believe in them.

So,….new year resolutions! First thing that comes to mind when thinking of new year is new year resolutions. I never take any new year resolutions but even though the first thought that comes to mind while thinking of a new year is “new year resolutions” (of course and that is why my first new year blog is about new year resolutions🤷🏻‍♀️).

I….don’t believe in them. I have never been interested to take any resolutions. I’ve tried it like once in my life and that is because my dad insisted to try and see if it works for me. And of course it didn’t. Isn’t the whole idea of taking new year resolutions is to forget something like that existed after a week or two? In my case that really worked well. I forgot the resolution I took just after a few hours (still don’t remember it😓).

Why don’t these new year resolutions work as expected [for many]?

  • We force ourselves. It’s a “new year!” so now I have to take a resolution to follow throughout the year. This thought automatically runs in our mind. Through this we are subconsciously forcing ourselves to follow something not thinking of the circumstances and our abilities.
  • Facing the pressure of an undesired chore. Even things you once loved to do can become a chore then, wouldn’t having a resolution you never really wanted to do from the start automatically be a chore. Pressuring yourself to do a chore will never workout in the long run.
  • Not being sincere. Taking a resolution just because of peer pressures and not being sincere and not thinking if that’s is actually useful for you or needed for you is a total waste of effort (or more like there is no effort found in it).

How to make your goals work?

  1. Get a planner
  2. Split your goal
  3. Take one step at a time
  4. Have a clear idea of the motive behind the goal
  5. Have a goal journal
  • Get a planner: Having a planner can help you schedule your tasks (simple tasks to reach your ultimate goal). About what you will be doing that day, what step you are gonna take to make your goal successful.
  • Split your goal: Splitting your goal can make it clearer and easier to get towards your goal and be able to keep track of your progress. For example, if your goal is to loose weight and eat healthier then it can be split into parts like start eating vegetables daily and eat one fruit a day or go for a jog everyday and walk to nearby places. This step will make it easier to know where you are at and give you some content that you are putting effort and getting near your goal.
  • Take one step at a time: This step means being flexible and taking small steps cause one can never change their life in a single day or a week. From the above example I’ll say how I have been doing this step. I take a already split step like going for a jog everyday and first make it 20 mins and increase it to 40 mins and then when I am strong enough I go to the gym and finish my task. This is how your start from the bottom. I note these as tasks in my daily planner as it’s easier to remember.
  • Have a clear idea of the motive behind the goal: Having a clear idea means to know the actual reason why you decided to set that particular goal and the feeling involved with it. As I mentioned earlier even something you love can becomes a chore and that is because you have forgotten why you actually decided to do it. Having a clear picture can help one remember the reason behind it and get them back on track.
  • Having a goal journal: There are a variety of journal types and by doing it the right way the essence from it will be ever flowing. Writing down your progress in this particular journal will make you feel updated on your growth. You can plan, brain dump, and do anything and everything you want in the journal (It really was a lot of help to me).

These steps to attain your goal is common way to do it it doesn’t necessarily have to be a new year goal. These are some ideas I use to attain my goals. But I don’t really use it on New year as it gets me thinking that it’s something compulsory and I don’t really like being pressured. So of course that doesn’t work for me. I do it when I feel like it and it doesn’t have to be a year start or a month start.

What I am trying to coney from the long paragraph above 😅 is, one shouldn’t wait for a good time to do something good. Every time is a good time if your intention is good. And….always remember a bucket list is ESSENTIAL to do anything. Hope this helps you to attain your goal.

~Thank you~

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