What do you do when something you love becomes a chore? Managing and starting again.

We all have those times when something you enjoy doing more than anything else becomes a burden and worse, a chore. Personally for me, things I love to do becomes a chore really soon. For example, I’ve written only 10 blogs till date but am already writing about this topic (blogging really has become a chore for me 😕).

That is really frustrating. You would want to do it but at the same time feel lazy about it. Personally I get frustrated because I feel that I have lot of time but am wasting it all. I could’ve written my blogs, painted etc… All this frustration is because right now my mind says “you’ll have to do it” and not “you’ll love to do it”.

Ways to follow while facing the situation


First try to get a hold of the situation. Ask yourself questions like, “what has actually changed?”, “Why did it happen”and try to get the answer for these which are hidden within you (I wouldn’t recommend asking “what to do to change the situation?” cause this blog wouldn’t be necessary for you then…..Gotta get those views 😌).


Forcing yourself to do something when you really don’t feel like it will only make you hate the work more and not the opposite. So taking a break without thinking about the work and focusing on something else until you actually want to do it is better.

Then there are people like me…., who wants to take a break and get to it but still can’t get over the fact that this is a “break”. I’ll be thinking that I could’ve have done it now instead of taking break and all those unwanted stuff. And for those whose mind seems to function like mine I can’t say anything else but to push away those thoughts and actually concentrate on something else. That worked for me (that’s why I could finally post this blog 💁🏻‍♀️).


Try to remember why you started doing it in the first place. “What made you start?”, this is one amazing question to ask to yourself when you feel out of motivation or interest for something. This has come handy to me on various occasions.

People quit, loose motivation and intrest because they have deviated from the actual path or because they just forgot the reason they were on it. Just remembering the root changes everything. I have experienced it myself with my blog.


This part is necessary if you tend to get a little frustrated over it (like me). You have to calm yourself down and think about a plan you are gonna execute the next day. It should be a good productive plan to get your frustrated selves back on feet. Then you sooth, persuade or motivate yourself and get yourself convinced to act according to the plan.

These are some steps which can save you at the moment. One last thing I would like to highlight is, never sit to do a work when you know you are not gonna do it. Instead do something else to compensate with it. This makes sure that you do not regret for having waste your time on something you know is not gonna work. Hope this helps.. 🙂

~Thank you~

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