What do you do when something you love becomes a chore? Managing and starting again.

We all have those times when something you enjoy doing more than anything else becomes a burden and worse, a chore. Personally for me, things I love to do becomes a chore really soon. For example, I’ve written only 10 blogs till date but am already writing about this topic (blogging really has become a chore for me 😕).

That is really frustrating. You would want to do it but at the same time feel lazy about it. Personally I get frustrated because I feel that I have lot of time but am wasting it all. I could’ve written my blogs, painted etc… All this frustration is because right now my mind says “you’ll have to do it” and not “you’ll love to do it”.

Ways to follow while facing the situation


First try to get a hold of the situation. Ask yourself questions like, “what has actually changed?”, “Why did it happen”and try to get the answer for these which are hidden within you (I wouldn’t recommend asking “what to do to change the situation?” cause this blog wouldn’t be necessary for you then…..Gotta get those views 😌).


Forcing yourself to do something when you really don’t feel like it will only make you hate the work more and not the opposite. So taking a break without thinking about the work and focusing on something else until you actually want to do it is better.

Then there are people like me…., who wants to take a break and get to it but still can’t get over the fact that this is a “break”. I’ll be thinking that I could’ve have done it now instead of taking break and all those unwanted stuff. And for those whose mind seems to function like mine I can’t say anything else but to push away those thoughts and actually concentrate on something else. That worked for me (that’s why I could finally post this blog 💁🏻‍♀️).


Try to remember why you started doing it in the first place. “What made you start?”, this is one amazing question to ask to yourself when you feel out of motivation or interest for something. This has come handy to me on various occasions.

People quit, loose motivation and intrest because they have deviated from the actual path or because they just forgot the reason they were on it. Just remembering the root changes everything. I have experienced it myself with my blog.


This part is necessary if you tend to get a little frustrated over it (like me). You have to calm yourself down and think about a plan you are gonna execute the next day. It should be a good productive plan to get your frustrated selves back on feet. Then you sooth, persuade or motivate yourself and get yourself convinced to act according to the plan.

These are some steps which can save you at the moment. One last thing I would like to highlight is, never sit to do a work when you know you are not gonna do it. Instead do something else to compensate with it. This makes sure that you do not regret for having waste your time on something you know is not gonna work. Hope this helps.. 🙂

~Thank you~

What people expect From 2021? My confusion on those things. Good and bad in those perceptions.

2020 was indeed a legendary year. We all took both positives and negatives and learnt many things from the entire year (the virus, lockdown, struggles). I am confused with some perceptions that we have on 2021. What do we perceive from 2021

Our perception:

Most of us often say, “Finally 2020 is over”, “2021 is gonna gives us what we lost in 2020”, “2020 is over and we can finally relax” and related stuff. Most of us think that 2021 will make all those things that we faced in 2020 disappear, 2021 will be a better year and give us all those things that we lost in 2020. These have been most of our perceptions.

Why we have those perceptions?

After all that we have been through in 2020 we feel like 2021 is an escape given to us from all those hardships we faced. So, we think 2021 will give us those things we lost in 2020 and take our troubles away. It seems as a hope for us. As this idea seems too good, we are engulfed in it and think it’s gonna happen as it is like our minds.


  • We not only see 2021 as a hope but expect it to be the way we think. We put a burden on the year and expect it to be just the way in our mind. Then it only leads to disappointment
  • Getting disappointed. Once we see 2021 has not completely changed from the previous year, we get disappointed which only leads to frustration.
  • Blaming and complaining. After disappointment comes the blaming part. After understanding the reality we blame it all on 2021 and complain about our situation (complaining…the culprit of course 🙄).


  • The thought gives us hope. The thought that 2021 will be a better year gives us hope. Having hope always makes us stronger in any situation. That hope give us confidence that this will all be over one day.
  • It gives us strength. Having that hope in us automatically gives us strength to overcome our current struggles and the entire situation.

This is the confusion I had and which is now sorted out into a clear view. My overall conclusion on this is, hoping 2021 will be a better year that 2020 is actually fine but expecting it to grant all our wishes is no good. Something to understand from this is dreams and hopes are good when there is a clear and firm line between fantasy and reality.

~Thank you~

Have a happy and prosperous 2021 🤗

New year resolutions and why I don’t believe in them.

So,….new year resolutions! First thing that comes to mind when thinking of new year is new year resolutions. I never take any new year resolutions but even though the first thought that comes to mind while thinking of a new year is “new year resolutions” (of course and that is why my first new year blog is about new year resolutions🤷🏻‍♀️).

I….don’t believe in them. I have never been interested to take any resolutions. I’ve tried it like once in my life and that is because my dad insisted to try and see if it works for me. And of course it didn’t. Isn’t the whole idea of taking new year resolutions is to forget something like that existed after a week or two? In my case that really worked well. I forgot the resolution I took just after a few hours (still don’t remember it😓).

Why don’t these new year resolutions work as expected [for many]?

  • We force ourselves. It’s a “new year!” so now I have to take a resolution to follow throughout the year. This thought automatically runs in our mind. Through this we are subconsciously forcing ourselves to follow something not thinking of the circumstances and our abilities.
  • Facing the pressure of an undesired chore. Even things you once loved to do can become a chore then, wouldn’t having a resolution you never really wanted to do from the start automatically be a chore. Pressuring yourself to do a chore will never workout in the long run.
  • Not being sincere. Taking a resolution just because of peer pressures and not being sincere and not thinking if that’s is actually useful for you or needed for you is a total waste of effort (or more like there is no effort found in it).

How to make your goals work?

  1. Get a planner
  2. Split your goal
  3. Take one step at a time
  4. Have a clear idea of the motive behind the goal
  5. Have a goal journal
  • Get a planner: Having a planner can help you schedule your tasks (simple tasks to reach your ultimate goal). About what you will be doing that day, what step you are gonna take to make your goal successful.
  • Split your goal: Splitting your goal can make it clearer and easier to get towards your goal and be able to keep track of your progress. For example, if your goal is to loose weight and eat healthier then it can be split into parts like start eating vegetables daily and eat one fruit a day or go for a jog everyday and walk to nearby places. This step will make it easier to know where you are at and give you some content that you are putting effort and getting near your goal.
  • Take one step at a time: This step means being flexible and taking small steps cause one can never change their life in a single day or a week. From the above example I’ll say how I have been doing this step. I take a already split step like going for a jog everyday and first make it 20 mins and increase it to 40 mins and then when I am strong enough I go to the gym and finish my task. This is how your start from the bottom. I note these as tasks in my daily planner as it’s easier to remember.
  • Have a clear idea of the motive behind the goal: Having a clear idea means to know the actual reason why you decided to set that particular goal and the feeling involved with it. As I mentioned earlier even something you love can becomes a chore and that is because you have forgotten why you actually decided to do it. Having a clear picture can help one remember the reason behind it and get them back on track.
  • Having a goal journal: There are a variety of journal types and by doing it the right way the essence from it will be ever flowing. Writing down your progress in this particular journal will make you feel updated on your growth. You can plan, brain dump, and do anything and everything you want in the journal (It really was a lot of help to me).

These steps to attain your goal is common way to do it it doesn’t necessarily have to be a new year goal. These are some ideas I use to attain my goals. But I don’t really use it on New year as it gets me thinking that it’s something compulsory and I don’t really like being pressured. So of course that doesn’t work for me. I do it when I feel like it and it doesn’t have to be a year start or a month start.

What I am trying to coney from the long paragraph above 😅 is, one shouldn’t wait for a good time to do something good. Every time is a good time if your intention is good. And….always remember a bucket list is ESSENTIAL to do anything. Hope this helps you to attain your goal.

~Thank you~

Creative ways to celebrate Christmas at home and keep your mind occupied with happiness and interest.

Sitting a phone and scrolling through social media throughout a precious holiday… that doesn’t sound so good, does it? But that’s what we do when we get a holiday and that’s because we don’t really know what else to do. And due to the pandemic, we’ll have to stay indoors.

The main idea of a festival is to be refreshed for the next days, be productive and improve at your work. But sitting on your phone and sleeping alone will drain your energy and make you tired. Which is exactly the opposite of what is expected. But then what is the use of a holiday? So, let’s see some “stay home” ideas to celebrate and get all the benefits of this Christmas.


1. Make some Christmas goodies:

Baking Christmas cookies, hot chocolate with marshmallows, ginger bread and other goodies and enjoying it with your family fills that deliciousness and adds flavour to your Christmas 🎄.

2. Watch some Christmas movies:

Who doesn’t like watching movies? (Definitely not me😅) Enjoying some classic Christmas movies on the occasion can definitely make you relaxed and comfy, doesn’t it? Trying something new like watching some old Christmas movies can give you a new experience too.

3. Playing board games with family:

Board games with family… always sounds fun! What is a holiday without some family bonding activities. Laughing, chatting and playing with your family always has a space in any list.

4. Listening to Christmas stories (or reading):

Listening to stories from the Bible about Christmas from your elders (especially from you grandparents) is always a mood. Eating your Christmas cookies and listening to those stories and imaging those scenarios in your head..! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

5. Design matching clothes:

Designing Christmas themed clothes with your own idea or redesigning your normal clothes to the theme with your family is a fun activity to try. Wearing matching Christmas outfits and celebrating together sounds much more interesting than the regular, right?

6. Distributing and sending gifts:

What is Christmas without gifts? Arranging, packing and giving those gifts to your family is always the highlight of Christmas. As of quarantine we wouldn’t be able to give our friend and family far away our gifts personally. But we can always send it to them via courier. You wouldn’t want to miss the main event of Christmas, do you?

7. Singing and humming to Christmas songs:

Music is always necessary to complete any occasion. Having a karaoke party with your family or humming and swaying to Christmas songs is a great way to end your day with content.

Eating the Christmas snack you prepared while listening to stories about Christmas whilst a song with bells playing in the background, wearing matching Christmas themed clothes with your family and singing and binge watching movies, sending gifts to your family and friends far away. This kind of Christmas sounds better and memorable than a Christmas on your mobile. Hope this was helpful for you to get some ideas to celebrate this Christmas in a good way (I can’t wait for this Christmas and wish to celebrate my Christmas the same way 😃).

~Thank you~

Festive mood is always even better than the festival. Christmas mood and feel [What, how and why].

Most of us love the days before a festival or holiday more than the holiday itself but we never really know it. Letting the excitement build in is always more enjoyable than the excitement itself. The festive mood always contributes to 70% of the actual festival.


Festive mood is something enjoyable and getting you prepped for a holiday or any kind of celebration or festival. We call Christmas a season because we do many activities preparing ourselves for the occasion throughout the whole month like decorating, preparing gifts and etc,..

How does this picture make you feel? Some kind of Christmas feel, right? Even this little picture gives that Christmas mood to this blog. What is it like when you see this in real life? Decorating this and looking at it gives you that vibe or mood. That is what festive mood is all about.


Some simple ways to get that Christmas mood,

  • Decorating your house: Doing all the Christmas decorations with your family and friends will increase you bond with them and get you into that Christmas spirit. Hanging cute stars and bells, arranging a majestic tree and so many other things gets that winter, December, Christmas kinda feel to you house and mind.
  • Adding to your Christmas playlist: Creating a Christmas playlist full of your fav Christmas songs and listening to it, vibing and singing. Nearly 80% people in the world love music (according to a research 🤷🏻‍♀️ not me). So, definitely a set of Christmas songs will fill you mind with that spirit.
  • Preparing gifts (especially handmade ones): Getting ideas and preparing a gift with creativity and love for your loved ones is an amazing activity to do during Christmas. You get to spend your time doing crafts and etc.. and also will make your loved ones happy by presenting it to them.
  • Baking Christmas goodies: Cooking is always a great activity to spend time with. Baking Christmas cookies, gingerbread, cakes will let that Christmas spirit into you (and finally let your kitchen see you😆 … that’ll go for me).

Why is festive mood important?

After facing a lot of stress and pressure a festival can cheer you up and brighten your life. For the festival to work its magic, you initiate something and that is your festive mood.

While you are in a festive mood it’s hard to be negative or stressed. You do activities and spend time with loved ones and are surrounded by people who are in the same festive mood like you. So, you get that positive and happy energy and feel relaxed. And of course, that’s what the festive mood is all about 😄.

~Thank you~

Christmas isn’t a day it is a season. How is it for me (students) or people like me? Being positive is disappointing times.

Christmas is on its way. It’ll be here in no time but… how is it for me? What I am concentrating on currently is not the Christmas season but my exams. Yes…. I have my exams from the 15th of December. That’s sad😞….(excuse me while I feel bad for myself).

I know I am not alone and many of you are in travelling in the same boat as me. My exams end right before Christmas so I will not able to decorate my house, prepare gifts, go shopping or do any of the things one does when a holiday is approaching.

What am I doing now? COMPLAINING. The one thing I wish I wouldn’t do. In times like this positivity is the only way to be happy.So, I did a simple thing to reduce my disappointment. I sorted out my thoughts.


1. Write it down:

When you need to organise or sort your thoughts the most effective way is to write it down in a notebook. Journalling is a good way and regular way to organise you thoughts (I’ve been trying it out for quite a time now). If not just writing in a simple notebook is enough.

Processing your thoughts in your head add to your unsorted thoughts on you mind and increases negativity and stress. I have been doing it all these years and experiencing nothing but overwhelming emotions. Once you start writing down your thoughts you would start wondering how you functioned before (I am still wondering🤔).

2. Brain dump:

Brain dumping is dumping all you negative thoughts and unwanted concerns somewhere safe. It may be through journaling, talking about it to your trusted ones or any other comfortable way.

The main purpose here is to express yourself and reduce your inner pressure and find answers to your own queries.

3. Finding positives:

Trying to distinguish and squeeze out the positive things in the situation. Have a “everything happens for good” mindset. Try to find something you get in return to the disappointment you face right now.

For example, I haven’t prepared for my exams properly. So it would take time and be hard to prepare. It wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience if my exams were after the holidays 🤷🏻‍♀️. My feelings during the holidays after the exams would outmatch those of normal times as I worked really hard before. Those things make you feel good. They are the positives hiding between your disappointment.

Christmas is a season, it gives happiness. Just simply decorating the house, baking cookies, arranging gifts can make one happy. Simple things like visiting ones hometown and spending time with family, relaxing, chatting, watching movies can become a memorable moment cause….it’s CHRISTMAS! 🎉 🎊

~Thank you~

How to get yourself back on your feet when you are facing “the unmotivated and lazy days”.

As I mentioned in my last blog I face these kind of days quite often. I took me a lot of time to realise that leaving it as it is affected me a lot. My first time trying to break away from it was a success.

So, let’s see what my observation and conclusion are by scrutinising those days of mine. I hope this will help you find you cause and the way to solve it too.

First I talked about being unable to move and not wanting any interactions. I wouldn’t normally be this unmotivated but I was especially like that 6 days ago.

First step: This is totally about finding the cause of your present state. It may be something physical or emotional. Even simple things can multiply and cause a bad day.

For me the one of the cause which was present in my head was that I hadn’t washed my hair in a week and …it wasn’t in a explainable state😓. (If this stupid reason had connected with other stress I had and multiplied then you should know how your small problems cause you big headaches🤷🏻‍♀️).

Second step: Bringing together all the energy you have in your body to take a clear decision on things you could do to make your cause of trouble disappear. If you couldn’t find the actual cause then you can not do any specific things. But if that’s the case you can always do general activities which relieves your mind like sleeping.

For example, I had many things on my mind and couldn’t figure out a dominant or specific reason for my unmotivated state. So, I just did general things such as taking a bath, sleeping and organising which helped me a lot.

Third step: Activating the 5 sec rule. If you do not prefer to use the 5 sec rule, then you can always use your own method. But the important part is to make sure you are doing something which makes you achieve you goal immediately.

Goal in the sense, able to do and finish things which relieve the state of you mind. It’s those things which I mentioned in the above step.

What I learnt from this experience?

  • The actual reason of one’s unmotivated and lazy days is because of your mindset.
  • The problems one face are not responsible for their bad days but the mindset one has that the problems can never be solved will take the actual responsibility.

Actually all of us know these things deep inside but fail to accept the fact and complain a lot (I am the same 🤷🏻‍♀️). But when we accept our responsibilities and stop complaining most of these things will be stopped (think positive 😌).

To remember:

This is just a temporary way. You use this to get out of your lazy and unmotivated days for the instance.

There will be permanent improvement only when the mindset is worked with. We still have a long way to go.

“First step is always the hardest”, as the first step is taken, now the journey will be much easier. It took me years to take the first step but now it seems so much better and easier to move forward. And the same goes for you. 😊


One of those “out of vibe” days

This is one the days when I feel my mind doesn’t control my body and being totally out of my vibe. I do not have any motivation in me. I don’t want to do anything. I feel empty inside, like a extra character the author controls. I am just scrolling through YouTube lazily not even bothering to watch the videos as I feel lazy. (Just think how unmotivated I would have been if I don’t even have the energy to procrastinate😣)

I feel as if in I am in outer space or more like want to be in outer space cause I did not feel like having any interactions. The only interactions I felt like having were with air, water, food and my iPad. I am idly sitting in a sofa thinking about all the things I could have done during this time, all the tasks I could have completed… (Just to make things worse🤦🏻‍♀️),

I usually never care about these unmotivated days and leave it just like that. And that never went well…..( not going into to much details rn). I will just have the same negative energy for days and will not return back to normal until I have good cry.

But today I understood that being like this isn’t any help and decided to teach my body once for all of who is in control (my mind). So, I quickly decided and activated the 5 sec rule (let me explain about it at the last).

  1. I quickly got up without giving my body time to process my minds decision.
  2. I skipped one of my class online to get myself back on track. (Skipping one class to attend the rest usefully is better that attending all the classes without listening and getting the use)
  3. I took a good nap for about 30 mins.
  4. Then showered and made myself fresh, clean and presentable.
  5. Then noted down in my journal about these things so that I can dump all those negative energy and and understand the situation better.

These are just some simple steps which made a huge difference saving my time, productivity and energy. Here I understood that the most difficult and important part is to establish your mind’s dominance over you body.

The 5 sec rule,

It is useful for taking immediate action to attain what you want.

The procedure to do it is by fixing the goal in you mind and counting from 1-5. As soon as you reach 5 just stand up without allowing yourself to think and directly move towards your goal.

This prevents laziness from overtaking you and your goal.

I will talk about the lessons I have learnt, points to remember and difficulties I faced in easy points in this kind of experiences in the next blog.


If you wanna know more in detail of how to work with these days then you can check it out 👇🏻👇🏻

My morning routine during the quarantine.

I posted about creating your own effective morning routine. So it’s only fair if I tell you my own morning routine (I still don’t have a full fledged morning routine. I am still developing).

WAKE UP [7:00 am]:

I usually wake up at 6:00am during normal working days …..but you know…. quarantine has made us lazier (at least for me). So, I wake up 1 hour late and that is on 07:00am. I drink water as soon as I wake up. (I’ll tell why this is important lastly 👇🏻)


  1. Brush teeth [7:15]
  2. Drink a glass of milk
  3. Take bath [7:30]
  4. Change into comfortable clothes


My morning skin care routine isn’t really complicated.

  • I apply rose water and toner on my face and neck area with a small cotton ball.
  • I then apply eye cream around my eyes as I’ve got some stubborn eye bags which never leave me at any cost (I guess they just love me too much).
  • I apply moisturiser on my face if my skin feels particularly dry (my skin type varies from time to time).
  • Next I brush my hair. I tie it up or leave it free according to the day. (By day I mean online classes😅 ….. I have to switch on my video in some classes)


My mom taught me that one should eat breakfast like a king. She would always make sure that I have a fulfilling breakfast since I was born. So, apart from milk what I take for breakfast is,

  • For the main, I take steamed food like chapatis, bread, pancake or something like that.
  • I further take proteins like bean, gram, peas, etc…..
  • Next in the list is fruits. I’ll always take a bowl of fruits after every meal (I’ve always loved fruits).


You have to spend minimum 10 mins in the morning doing something you love or something which makes you happy and keeps you calm. You can start your day in good way if you do this (I learnt it the hard way😞).

I play with my adorable puppy “snow”. That makes me really happy. I do that atleat for 15 mins every morning and that helps me to set my mood. I also do some other activities.

Drinking water in the morning as soon as you wake up,

  • Helps you rehydrate your body as you have had no intake of water for the past hours
  • As your stomach is empty at that time, drinking water can cleanse your bowls and remove toxins.


Here you can check out how you can set up your own morning routine like mine (or even better😀) 👇🏻👇🏻

Necessities of having clean morning routine.

What is a morning routine? It is a set of activities that one does after waking up to start their day. But what is a good morning routine? It’s something which keeps you energised throughout the day and which does not affect your daily productivity.

Your morning routine can include your beauty routine, exercise, health, studying or anything that keeps you active and refreshed throughout the day.

I guess I sound like a health guru 😝. Just know that I am not gonna write some advanced stuff and post it in here. I will share some tips and points which were useful for me in setting up my own routine. (I still don’t have a kickass morning routine…I am still in the journey but it’s definitely improved a lot).

Why is a routine necessary?

A proper morning routine can be a dealbreaker when it comes to success. Treating your morning routine with care and respect is crucial because the way you begin your day is has a huge impact on the rest of you day. A proper morning routine can increase your productivity along with making you feel good.

It’s important to start your day with a lot of optimism and confidence. If a good morning routine helps you achieve that then why not try it!

Points to remember while setting up a routine

  • Be realistic
  • Know your body
  • Planning
  • Flexible yet consistent


It’s means being practical and reasonable with your routine. Waking up at 5am may be productive but it may not be the case if you force yourself to do so. We all tend to be a little excited in the beginning and overestimate ourselves (I speak from experience 😓). Things started working out for me only after I understood my ability.


Knowing your body means listening to your body. This point is very important to maintain a healthy state while putting up your routine to practice. You need to know your capabilities at the moment and work accordingly.


Planning your routine before implementing it gives you an unyielding result. Going with the flow seems to be easy but it’s not very effective.


You may not be able to act perfectly according to your routine in the beginning but do not stress and just be consistent and let your body adapt slowly to the new reign. To do this you need to let go of the expectations in you mind. When I was setting up my own routine I had my cheat days yet I am quite successful in developing my routine because I came back on track in a few days.

The 21 days rule

By Maxwell Malts

Maxwell Malts was a plastic surgeon in 1950. He found the 21 days rule by observing a strange pattern in his patients. He stated,

“It takes 21 days to develop a habit”

The minimum time needed for a person to develop a habit is 21 days, if the person has been consistent for all of the 21 days.

Planning and implementing your routine may be a bit hard in the beginning (it was for me). But being consistent on your routine can turn it into a habit in no time. Just remember the 21 days rule and be consistent and it will become a habit, a really good habit😊.


The “About” post

This is gonna be a lifestyle blog. As you know the “about” post is necessary to start my blog (I have done my research😏). So first of I’ll start by saying what is my blog and why you should read it.

What is this about?

  • This is gonna be about self-care, health, dreams and aim, health, glow ups and various subjects like that.
  • It’s is basically blogging about my life and how I dealt with things and advices, tips, reviews, suggestions and various other fun things.

I would like to connect with people who want to improve their lives in a particular way, people who wants to read about my lifestyle and also people who can relate to me.

Now I will start by saying something about me. My name is Jenni. I am a student. I live in a full time sunny tropical place. My main interests are in art, music, food and fashion. (I do have various other hobbies).

I am basically an introverted person. So, I don’t really have many friends but I have some close friends who I love and can trust. Next I have a really good family who understands me. So, I can say that I have a really good personal life.

I am still a student and haven’t decided on what to do in my future but I am sure of one thing. I want to succeed and I want to make all parts of my life good enough for me to be happy and to make my parents proud (don’t we all). Most important at thing I want to succeed in is my career. I WANT TO MAKE IT BIG!

I have said a glimpse of myself in this post. I guess your understanding about me is that I am a average girl with a pretty decent lifestyle and goals (which I am). But as you know everyone is unique and every single one of you are special in someway. Let’s find out why and how I am special throughout this blogging journey.

P.S. Publishing this is gonna be exhausting since this is my first post. But I am relieved to complete it and FINALLY I can breathe….😩